ATTENTION BUSINESS OWNERS: This will save you money!

What If You Could:

  • Lower your energy bill by 45% or MORE!

  • Reduce risk of weather & wind damage?

  • Offer employees a cooler, more comfortable work environment without raising energy costs?

  • Extend roof life by 10 years?

But wait....

What if you could do ALL of this and more AND:

  • Receive a tax credit?

  • Add minimal weight to the roof?

  • Use Eco-Friendly Materials?

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Introducing Nano Shield Cool Roof Coat, the energy & money saving roof protector.

Cool Roof Coat is an acrylic polymer designed to extend roof life by up to 10 years. Unlike competitors, our breakthrough technology emits 94% of heat away from the roof and minimizes thermal conductivity for reduced heat transfer. It can potentially cut HVAC use by up to 45%.

  • Significantly lowers internal temperature of the building

  • Superior UV resistance

  • Lowers roof temp by as much as 20 degrees.

  • Reduce weather & wind damage

How it Works | See Cool Roof Coat in Action!

Real customers, Real Results.

In Texas, summer heat can cripple businesses with high energy bills. By using Cool Roof Coat, this real customer not only enjoyed cooler inside temperatures, but also saved hundreds on energy costs!

Temperatures measured over the span of one year

These are summer energy savings provided by the ACTUAL Cool Roof Coat client!

This is the change in Energy savings due to applying the Coating.

Projected Overall Energy Savings: 55%!

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